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Hello hello, dear visitor :)
I won't bother your with tacky introductions, we are good at what we do and we like it: music, banter and a good time. When you do something good for so long, you can have a good time while working in painting. Here at Integra Painters, we are the most Professional Painters on the Gold Coast but we're also entertaining. We offer home painting solutions, because for every problem there is a solution - when the problem is painting we can help you.

With over 50 years experience combined, my team and myself realise your home is your biggest asset and I always tell my painters to treat the clients house as if it was their grandmother: to be careful and treat the house with respect.

Whether you need your home painted for maintenance, selling, renting or just because you want to paint your home fricking green, we will do it, and we will make sure your house looks a like a tree frog. It's simple, here at Integra Painters we take all the worry out of the job for you and provide you with quality work guaranteed by us 100%, along with a 10 year warranty. Why? because we use top of line paint and follow proper painting procedures. Cutting corners is not actually worth it.

If Miami painters are reading this, it is because you have got to the point that you want or need your house, roof or building repainted.
So, the good news is that we can do it for you. At Integra Painters we have the right painters and tradies for any and every challenge, but you already know that :)

And now I have a few questions for you.
Is your home/property in need of a fresh coat of paint?
Are you looking for a professional painting service on the Gold Coast to paint your home?
Does your roof look a bit faded and old?

If yes, then it is time to give me a call on 0434 00 3141. If you do, things will become easier for you because Gold Coast Painters will provide you with excellent painting services to refurbish your home and/or office. We have painters Gold Coast wide, who can create a professional, appealing look for your space.

Painting does not just enhance the beauty of a building; it also protects the building from damages as well as ravages of climatic conditions. A beautifully painted home/building is a visual treat as it improves the overall look and curb appeal of your property. As professional Gold Coast painters, we know the best paint for your environment. Here you can find some rounded figures to give you an idea on painting costs.

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